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Safe weight loss via ketosis

Capsules Keto Diet — a unique product, which is based on the principles of the keto diet quickly burn fat while maintaining calorie diet. Start losing weight today:

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Doctor's recommendations

Dr. Nutritionist רימה Dr. רימה
20 years
During ketosis, fat are divided into fatty acids and glycerol, which are later turned into ketone bodies. Ketosis begins only when the reserves of glycogen in liver and muscle are completely depleted. To accelerate the fat burning process, I recommend to my patients in Israel capsules Keto Diet. Products perfectly supports the body during the ketogenic diet: to enrich the body with essential elements, preventing hunger, reduce fatigue and anxiety, ensure healthy and natural weight loss without causing sagging skin.

Change metabolism Keto Diet

Keto Diet — a unique modern tool, which is fast and safe weight loss through ketosis. This method is suitable for all who are tired of hunger and lack of results. Capsules you can simply restore the processes of the body, and then excess lose weight in a natural way. You don't even need to follow a rigid diet or hard exercise.

In addition, the process of weight loss begins immediately after ingestion of the capsule, the additive promotes:

Capsules cause ketosis of the body and transform stored fats into energy. You are guaranteed to lose weight every day-naturally!

How it works Keto Diet

Ketosis is getting energy from fats, not glucose, which enters the body of the consumed carbohydrates. If your body no longer receives such energy, after 7-14 days, he enters a state of ketosis. Results starts converting fat into energy.

Keto Diet help lose weight

Keto Diet ensure consumption of ketone bodies, which will help you to lose weight. Usually, to start the ketosis takes up to two weeks, but even 1 capsule product reduce this time to 40-50 minutes, which starts to convert fat into energy and reduce body fat:

  1. In the first step. Ketosis can help you burn fats, which is difficult to use, while maintaining muscle mass.
  2. In the second stage. Keto Diet started ketosis: it accelerates the metabolism, reduces appetite and affects directly the fat reserves!

Please Keto Diet daily and lose up to 10-15 kg per month! The product is completely safe, has all the necessary certificates and comply with current medical standards.

  1. Active ingredients promote cleansing the body of toxins and other harmful substances, which leads to deterioration of health.
  2. Capsules improves the production of hormones, as hormonal imbalance often leads to the development of eating disorders and overweight.
  3. The product speeds up the metabolism, thus calories are converted to energy without delay in the form of fat tissue.
  4. Improve lymph flow, eliminate swelling, resulting in excess fluid from the body.
  5. Break down fat deposits.

Excess weight is, the more dangerous it is

Statistics according to Israel every third person suffers from excessive body weight.

At first glance it looks not so big problem, but in the future the extra weight causes many unfortunate consequences:

All of this — a small part of the changes, which cause excess weight. But how to deal with it? Diet — many, physically very grueling process. Not everyone can collect will in a fist, and reduce the amount of food consumed 3 times, and then replace the usual tasty foods, only vegetables and fruits. The sport is certainly useful, but do not forget that intense exercise is a lot of pressure on the joints.

Why do people gain weight?

The reason of occurrence of superfluous weight can serve a variety of factors, both behavioral and genetic:

  1. Genetic predisposition to accelerated weight gain is an important role.
  2. Food habits — it is not only the set of goods consumed, but also the amount and frequency of eating.
  3. Lack of physical activity. Office work, used to spend weekends on the couch watching TV.
  4. Hormonal disturbances. Pregnancy or menopause can often cause unexpected weight gain, due to disorders of the endocrine system and the adrenal glands.
  5. A psychological factor. When a person faces a stressful situation, often the only salvation for him is food.

What is dangerous excess weight

  1. Being overweight increases the pressure on the spine and knee joints, causing arthritis, osteoarthritis.
  2. People with obesity significantly increases the risk of myocardial infarction even in a young age.
  3. Being overweight can cause serious mental stress. A person begins to stay away from people, become withdrawn, cease to love his reflection in the mirror.

Benefits Keto Diet

Natural composition, can not cause side effects or discomfort:

Powerful components capsules Keto Diet

The Composition Of The Keto Diet

Raspberry ketones work than their counterparts produced by the human body, they are very active:

Beta-sitosterol neutralizes the effects of malnutrition:

Coenzyme Q10 deficiency is a primary cause of obesity:

L-carnitine is a substance related to b vitamins, is synthesized in the human body:

Bromelain — a protein excreted in the flesh and stem of pineapple:

Organic synephrine:

The manufacturer has made every effort to make a really high-quality product, which is why it is so popular. Don't buy a fake, before you order this product, make sure that you have the official website Keto Diet.

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